The Bird Stamp Society brings bird stamp collectors together

The Bird Stamp Society was formed in 1986 to cater for the large number of collectors who specialise in bird stamps and relevant material. The Society's focal point is the quarterly house journal "Flight", which runs to some 30-60 A4 pages. It carries a variety of features, some regular and some special to the issue. An important regular feature is listing - and attempting identification - of all birds on stamps discovered in the previous quarter. The BSS also runs thriving postal auctions available to all members and exchange packets available to UK members.

Current subscription rates are:

UK members£15
European members£22 (or €28)
Overseas members£27
Junior members (Under 16 at 1 August)50% of above rates
However, members worldwide who are prepared to access FLIGHT magazine via the website and forgo receiving a printed copy by post are entitled to a special rate of £5.
Add £5 equivalent for bank charges if paid by draft or cheque in foreign currency.

Click to view them all Ethiopia 1919 Grey or Black Crowned-Crane?
The Bald Eagle
is the most depicted
bird species on stamp
First time for
the Ostrich on stamp
was 1919
a bird species on stamp
may be a challenge

Each year the Society runs four postal auctions, the catalogue being sent out alongside our "Flight" magazine. Stock is provided by the membership and this is basically unmounted or mounted mint material, although some FDCs/ used material is available. Each auction comprises between 500 and 700 lots; much is dependent on stock levels. Over the years the auction has proved extremely popular with about 25% of the membership participating. Generally speaking, about 75-80% of the lots sell first time with some selling on their second and last showing. The auction is reserve (as opposed to estimate) based.

We do accept stock from non-members. They pay the same commission charge of 10%. However, non-members are not allowed to bid on our auctions. For that reason there is no immediate intention to put our auctions online.

The Society runs a successful packet circuit for British members which 60 to 70 members take part in, receiving a packet containing 6/7 books about three times a year. The books are made up by members’ and non-members’ items, start from 2p upwards for singles, sets and covers some at one fifth catalogue value. The society commission is 10% plus 2% insurance. It has proved a good service to members who are unable to visit stamp fairs or do not have fairs in their area; also it is great to sit at home and check out the material with your own collection.