I wish to apply for membership of The Bird Stamp Society and enclose my subscription of £........
(Euros €........ where applicable).
(Only for use by Committee members and will not be published. The Auction Catalogue will be sent by e-mail for those with an e-mail account and by post for those who do not.)
(if under 16)

Cheques to be made payable to "The Bird Stamp Society". Overseas members must pay in pounds sterling
to save the Society bank conversion charges. If this is not possible, add £5.00 equivalent to cover our costs.

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS – renewable 31st. July.

UK members - £15.00.

Other European members £22.00 (€26).

Other overseas members £27.00 airmail. All overseas members may arrange to pay subscriptions by
PayPal or Moneybookers, in which case add 5% to subscription rate to cover Society costs.

However, members worldwide who are prepared to accept both FLIGHT magazine and the auction list
by e-mail are entitled to a special rate of £5.

Junior members (under 16 at 1st. August) 50% of above applicable rate.

If you join during our "membership year" the appropriate back issues of "Flight" will be posted out
upon receipt of the full annual subscription. Otherwise payment required on a pro rata basis – 75%
for 3 issues, 50% for 2 and 25% for 1 issue.

UK MEMBERS ONLY - Do you wish to join the Packet Scheme? YES/NO.
(This enables members to trade surplus stamps with each other)

ALL MEMBERS - are you happy to have just your name/address published in Flight? YES/NO.

ALL MEMBERS - do you agree to accept Auction Catalogue by e-mail, if you have this facility? YES/NO.

Please send completed application and payment to the Membership Secretary:

Graham Horsman,
23a East Main Street,
Blackburn, West Lothian, EH47 7QR UK