Border birds

FLIGHT December 2013 – Volume 28 No. 2

French Antarctic - 17.5.13 - ATG = The art of stamp engraving.

The surrounds of the MS contain a large number of penguin images against a sea ice background. Each penguin or group has the engraver's name below.

Identification to species is not always possible because some are dressed in cartoon fashion. However, they include:-

King Penguin
Emperor Penguin
Gentoo Penguin
Gentoo Penguin
Adelie Penguin
Rockhopper Penguin
Aptenodytes patagonicus
Aptenodytes forsteri
Pygoscelis papua
Pygoscelis papua
Pygoscelis adeliae
Eudyptes chrysocome
Top row
Centre on shore with chick
Centre pair on right with chick
Centre bottom
Centre, single
In water with head showing

The bird on the stamp is an Adelie.

Belarus - 4.7.13 - Zoos

The 'N' and 'H' values and the left hand label all show a logo featuring a White Stork, Ciconia ciconia.

China (Peoples Republic) - 31.8.12 - Chinese poetry

The sheet to the right also comes in a version with 2 rows of 3 stamps. The 80f value shows a Barn Swallow (above the poet’s head) and the 1y20 value below it shows a swarm of Eurasian Magpies at the foot of the stamp.

The surrounds show Red-crowned Crane, Grus japonensis.

Singapore - 13.7.13 - Our city in a garden

The birds in the top margin of this $5 sheet (above) are Egrets (Ardeidae). The hunch-necked flight silhouette indicates this family rather than Cranes (Gruidae), but it is not possible to identify the species.

The birds in silhouette in the top margin of the sheet of 2 sets of 2 values can also only be identified to family level. From left to right they are Hornbill (Bucerotidae), Eagle (Accipitridae) and Sunbird (Nectariniidae).

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