Par Avion

Par Avion

The March 2014 issue of FLIGHT contained this excellent aerophilatelic feature submitted by one of the Society’s members and I have obtained his permission for it to be generally accessible on the website.

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Item 1 - A Zeppelin postcard to Norway on a 7 day later flight this time with an IRM stamp

Item 2 - An example from the first catapulting of mail sea to shore from the steamship Bremen to the town of Bremen. It displays 10, 15 and 50pf value stamps, two boxed ‘katapultflug’ strikes and the German-American Seapost C.D.S. of August 1929.

Item 3 - Another IRM value stamp on a Zeppelin flight card to Cardington Bedfordshire showing a Bedford receiving C.D.S. 26th April 1930. The picture side is an aerial view from the Zeppelin of Rastatt.

Of special interest however is the original letter of sale of the card from John S. Davis of Liverpool thanking the buyer for a 5/- postal order. A good investment, what value at today's prices.

Item 4 - Cover with 10 and 15pf stamps from Cologne 7th March 1931 for the Imperial Airways London to Cairo first flight. The 16th March Cairo C.D.S. (same date Alexandria C.D.S. also on the reverse) suggests that the item missed the north bound first flight to London which left Cairo on the 15th March and travelled on the second flight on the 16th.

Item 5 - A special postal stationery P.C. with a pre stamped 10pf eagle, of Von Hindenburg produced for a reunion day meeting of flying people 8th to 10th October 1927. Posted Braunschweig 9th October to Broken Hill (south Hannover) and a boxed ‘General Post Office’ catchet. The 1934 air mail stamps (9 values) depict a more recognisable eagle (Golden eagle! Generally termed as ‘stone eagle’ in Germany). These particular stamps were to indicate the dawn of the new order, the ‘Volk’, the heirs of Germany’s past genius and greatness and masters of her future glory. Interesting with the ‘Sun’ Swastika setting in the west and the eagle flying in from the east.

Item 6 - Two postal stationery postcards with a preprinted 5pf eagle
a) for the 42nd German Philatelic Exhibition 6-7th June 1936

b) a private issue for a national rally for the Hitler youth movement ‘strength through happiness’

Item 7 - Envelope with a 25pf value just prior to WWII with a machine cancel and displaying the swastika and the soon to be increasingly popular eagle with swastika combination cap badge. Note the address to Miss England in Wales!

Item 8 - Cover Leipzig to Banbury (via Karachi) with 10 and 80pf eagle stamps and the top value of the eleven stamp set, a 3M stamp depicting the Zeppelin and its designer Graf Zeppelin.

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