'FLIGHT' magazine is produced in unbound A4 format and is distributed to members in March, June, September and December of each year, September being the first number of the annual volume. It is fully illustrated, mainly in black-and-white, but with a few colour pages. However, from March 2014, members have been able to access the full magazine, with many more colour pages, via the website.

'FLIGHT' is made up of four broad sections:
1) News and editorial material.
2) A range of features and letters submitted by the members and gleaned from elsewhere. Some have philatelic weight, others may be reviews of bird stamps by species groups or country and others purely anecdotal.
3) A listing by country of recent issues of stamps depicting birds, with species identification where possible. The listing aims to be inclusive, whether the birds are on the stamps themselves or in sheet surrounds etc. Some postal stationery items are also included if the stamp imprint features a bird but this part of the listing is not comprehensive.
4) A postal auction of bird stamp material that is available to members worldwide. This is distributed with the magazine though not paginated as part of it. The auction typically consists of 4-500 lots. Because of increased postage and printing costs we encourage members, especially those overseas, to ask for the auction catalogue to be sent by e-mail attachment. Over 50 members already receive it this way.

Each number of the magazine can consist of anything from 25 to 50 pages, depending mainly on the supply of feature material and the incidence of new bird stamps in the quarter.